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presidential library in boston. that's where senator edward m. kennedy will lie in repose until saturday. >> the motorcade left hyannis port, massachusetts, about two ours will go and is expected to arrive in boston any minute now. right now you've pointed out those live pictures of the motorcade making its way to the city. people in their cars slowing down to get a glimpse of this moment. before the motorcade gets to the library, it will drive by some historic sites in boston that had special meaning to senator kennedy. first to st. stevens church where his mother, rose, was baptized. her funeral has also held there. it will then kroz over the rose fitzgerald kennedy greenway. it was a park created to give mothers and children a little green space. the park sits on the same land kennedy's mother enjoyed as a child. we are looking at the park there now. you can see people standing as we have announced and other news organizations that the motorcade will go past there. they are aware this is their opportunity to see it. it will pass the hall where the mayor of boston will ring a bell 47 t
in boston. we're tracking in the motorcade right now, and the crowd so eager to say good-bye to a local and national hero. >>> plus, a new era for the kennedys without their patriarch. we're getting some rare glimpses of this iconic family all together right now. they're burying one of their own yet again. >>> and another story we're following. a new jersey neighborhood torn up over a disturbing visitor. will libyan leader moammar gadhafi pitch a tent in their back yard? i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> breaking news we're following this hour. we're following a motorcade carrying the body of senator edward kennedy. it's heading right now to the boston library he helped build in honor of his brother john. we're awaiting the arrival and the chance for the public to file past the casket and say good-bye. our chief national correspondent john king is standing by over at the jfk library. john, i'll get to you in a moment. i want to look at the remarkable pictures we've seen so far. we saw the flag-draped coffin being taken from the kennedy compound in hyannis port. it wa
eon, the motorcade carrying the body of senator ted kennedy headed to boston. >> kennedy's life and children, cousins, nephews, nieces all paying respects today to the family patriarch. people in boston and across the nation remember a legendary lawmaker who had triumph and tragedy. good afternoon, everybody. good afternoon. i'm david shuster live in washington. >> good afternoon, everyone. cameron hall live in new york. thousands of people are lining up outside the john f. kennedy presidential library in boston. >> that's where senator edward m. kennedy's body will lie in repose for the next couple of days. kennedy's family held a private mass at the senator's home a few hours ago, and now the family motorcade is traveling the 70-mile route to boston. you're looking at pictures from the motorcade route a short time ago. right now they're on interstate 93 going towards boston. thousands of people were standing on the side of the roads and highways to get a peek at the motorcades. the crowds clapped and cheered as the cars drove by. before the motorcade gets to the library, it wi
, is celebrate its life. it's a remarkable life. >> from his beloved boston ballpark, to the hallowed hill where he served for nearly half a century. today, details on plans for his final rest. and what may become of the family's legendary seaside home. >>> welcome to "america this morning" on this thursday. ir. 'm ii' >> i'm jeremy hubbard. setenar tod nnr edy leaves hised cherished hyannisport home for y e last time lwinnwillie in repose at the jfk library in boston, beginning tonight, where thousands are expected to pay their respects over the next two days. >> president obama will deliver a eulogy at kennedy's funeral mass on saturday. >> and a special election to fill kennedy's senate seat is scheduled for early this year. that is unless lawmakers change the state succession law. >>> this morning, the kennedy family is gathering to say farewell to a much-loved father, uncle and brother. >> reporter: good morning, jeremy and vinita. after a day of tributes, this is the first of three days of farewell for senator kennedy. there will be ceremonies for him in boston and in arlington, v
gathering at mission church of above then to -- of boston to remember him. from our msnbc headquarters in new york, welcome to special coverage alongside chris matthews, i'm keith olbermann. jean robinson of the washington post is with us as well. if last night was the celebration, i guess, chris, this is the day for the formalized rituals of grief and passage. >> right. i think today is for religion and family and ultimately the returning to his brothers in arlington. well, the poetry of it all is so grounded out there in arlington. the fact that some have grown up with kennedy at the eternal great jack kennedy since 1963 and bobby joining him in 1968 in that small grave next but nearby, not even matching his in eminence. and now teddy, the third brother of the three, joining his other two brothers on that same spot, which jack actually picked out as the most beautiful spot to be buried in washington. i know jean robinson is with us now. we live in washington. and we know how that city is going to receive them back tonight. >> it will be an incredible and i think quite moving scene th
very, very thrilled to take this show live in boston and come back and perform for you guys. >> well, because you can make it how you want. nobody says play one three and a half minute song and then you're done. i mean you get to do it the way you want to do it. >> (chris) yeah i mean pbs sort of gives you the key and they say do whatever you want. drive however, as fast as you want and no speed limit. >> i like that. >> that's sort of the way it happens you know. >> yeah, yeah. and you've done it and there are so many things coming up in the show. so many incredible guests. and you've really called them from everywhere and that's what's a lot of fun. so stick with us. ♪ [singing] >> (josh groban) hi this is josh groban. public television has been a great influence on my life ever since i was very young. and i ask you to show your support by calling the number on your screen. pbs is the really one of the only alternatives to regular network television to see of the arts in all their glory. as a young kid growing up i mean i was so inspired by you know if i couldn't make it to new y
be a very stormy day in boston for senator kennedy's foon rahal on saturday. tropical storm danny to make landfall on saturday night bringing downpours and 75 mile-an-hour winds from long island to maine. here is a look at your thursday weather: stormy from dallas and des moines, a charge of large hail. and hot and dry for much of the west. >> 111 in fiend, 98 for boise, f 92 in pore land. chicago only up to 70 while sent a louis and ied indianapolis are in the mid 80s. 85 in boston, 86 in baltimore and 87 in atlanta. >> u watching "world news now." >> toyota has launched a recall of more than 59,000 cars that may have brake system problems. the automaker is recalling 2009 and 2010 corolla and matrix cars with 1.8 literin gins. also some 2008 and 2009 psion xds. they will make remayors at no charge. >> there is another rrl this morning. the consumer product rrl commission is recalling five million sets of wind open blinds that pose a strangulation hazard to children. >> three have already died, others have been injured. >> reporter: roger and i remembera usually wake to their son's calls
before departing on a trip to boston. that is where kennedy's funeral will take place on saturday. thousands have lined up along the 70-mile route, which is passing a number of locations, which as we mentioned, are important to senator kennedy. the final stop, the john f. kennedy library in massachusetts. that is where senator kennedy will lie in repose today and tomorrow. set the scene for us. >> as of now, the jfk library behind me a shot. it will reopen it 6:00 this evening. already, there are hundreds of people waiting outside. it is expected that thousands will actually want to enter the jfk library to show their respects to the late senator. the library itself will be open today between 6:00 and 11:00 and between 8:00 and 3:00 tomorrow, but already, officials believe they may have to extend those hours because they believe so many mourners will want to participate in the morning process. we should also point out quickly that there is also going to be a special service here on friday at 7:00 for 400 invited guests. they are calling that a celebration of the senator's life. in
-draped loaded in the hearse and the family all gathering as this motorcade is about to come to boston. what kind of reception. what does this mean to the people of boston to have this chance to see good-bye to nir senator? >> i think it will be an incredible outpouring. not only is the mourning of ted kennedy, but in some ways it's the mourning of the era of the kennedy family, the camelot era. i'm just struck at looking at this footage of the comparison with the funeral train for bobby kennedy in 1968 where ted kennedy really rose to stand up for the family and for the nation in this time of incredible grief when his second brother was cut down and the outpowering thou outpouing that happened from new york to washington. he lived to 77 as opposed to being cut down in his prime in his 40s. >> michael, you were also thinking about the funeral train. there is something to be celebratory about this, though. 77 very productive years, especially the last 40. >> not only those productive years, but the last year and a hal half. i mean, among people who have the awful disease that he dies, he was one o
there all the way to boston where senator kennedy will lie in repose. trace: it is called the path to remembrances. a motorcade will head for boston. it will stop at stocks that were significant to his life. it will first pass by st. stephen's church. his mother was baptized there. when she died in 1995, her funeral mass was celebrated there. next, he will pass by faneuil hall. then it will pass the state house headed for the jfk federal house where the senator's office stood for decades. finally, his motorcade will travel to the jfk presidential library where is casting it will be joined by a military honor guard. he will lie in repose until the funeral. thousands are expected to view the closed casket to pay their respects. martha: the library was truly a labor of love for kennedy. he spent decades building that library in creating what he felt was the perfect tribute to his beloved brother. david lee miller is in boston. the anticipation in that spot must be building at this point. >> it is. officials here -- they do say that he is going to be in the thousands in terms of turnou
the jfk presidential library in boston today to pay their respects to the late senator edward kennedy. >> he passed away this week after a long battle with brain cancer. michelle franzen is in his hometown of hyannis port, massachusetts, this morning. she joins us with more on today's memorial services. good morning, michelle. >> reporter: well, good morning. we're here in boston at the john f. kennedy presidential library where the line swelled last night. we hear estimates up to 20,000 people turned out. lines so long they had to extend it into the night. they came by the thousands to the jfk presidential library where senator edward kennedy's body lay in repose. and they waited in lines up to four hours long. just to pay their respects. >> he feels like, you know, for evybody's favorite uncle. that's what ted kennedy feels like to so many people. >> reporter: family members greeting the crowds, including the senator's widow, vicki. hugging and thanking them. >> we're so honored that so many people have come out to pay tribute to my husband. and i just wanted to thank them. >> repor
f. kennedy presidential library in boston where the body of j.f.k.s youngest brother, senator edward kennedy now lies in repose. thousands have joined the line to pay the respect to the senator who died late tuesday evening. many here can't remember a time when there wasn't a kennedy representing this state in washington. the senator's body accompanied by 85 members of the kennedy family arrived here late this afternoon. after a touching journey from his home in hyannis port. past waving crowds. and through some of the places in the city that he cherished. to most of us kennedy was an iconic, bigger than life political figure. but here it was something much more. nbc's andrea mitchell is here to start off our coverage. it was an incredible outpouring today, andrea. this line, we should note is just the beginning of a very, very long crowd. >> exactly, lester. many more, thousands, lined up behind, well beyond. it is going to go all night. what we are seeing here tonight and what we have been seeing all day is an outpouring of affection for a politician. that in itself is rare in this
. brigham & women's hospital, dana-farber cancer clinic, and have you the world famous boston children's hospital. kara kennedy was being treated for lung cancer and during her treatment, ted kennedy and vicki kennedy would come over here to the chapel alongside the main church behind us and he was so taken with the beauty of the church and the richness of the neighborhood that clearly the decision to be buried from here was made by vicki kennedy because of the impact this church, this neighborhood, this entire neighborhood, including the medical facilities here have had on his life and impact he had on those areas in his life. >> bill, i was going to say one of my best friends from congress, since i only had one friend in congress, i guess that makes you my best friend in congress. but, bill, ted kennedy was always a great friend of yours. you always told me about him. told great stories about how he was constantly counseling you and sailing with you, joking with you. tell us about ted kennedy, what made him so special, that made you feel like he was actually your brother. >> you know
a funeral mass will be held at boston's our lady of health facilety. president barack obama will deliver the eulogy. following this, his body will be buried near his brothers, john and robert, at arlington cemetery. my colleague keith olbermann and rachel maddox will be joining me later. then join me for live coverage of the kennedy memorial service tonight. tomorrow we'll be back with live coverage of the funeral mass and the burial itself beginning at 10:00 in the morning. with me now is eugene robinson, also a msnbc political analyst. and willie brand. gentlemen, i can't think of two greater guy stos have on to start the coverage tonight. the importance of this passing, i think it is an era, i think something really big is happening. it is not disease or violence that won this week it is time. >> well, it is time, time that won and time will always win. eras do begin and end. it is -- it's a very special thing that's ending right now, though. not the kennedy mystique, but the kennedy substance, what the kennedys meant to the nation and especially to the democratic party. it started wi
.m. in boston today, 7,000 people had come to pay their respects tosenator edward kennedy. thousands also gathered ahyanni. one couldn't help but think of other kennedy farewells, each one of which left indelible marks on the nation. this is day filled with echos from the past. >> tonight, this is where people came to say good-bye. by the thousands. good-bye to man, good-bye to a good-bye to a kennedy. >> he's a national treasure, but >> a lot of people didn't know, he did help a lot of minorities, especially female young minorities. >> and every piece of progressive legislation in the last 40 years has his mark on it. three hours his mark on it. three hours or more to see the body of ted yes, this state and country has said good-bye to kennedys before. sad somber, tragic good-byes, but this good-bye was different. it was for teddy. it began in hyannisport in the early afternoon. the military guard loading his coffin on to the hearse for the 70-mile rideto boston. sist along the route to boston, there were crowds at overpasses. on the side of the road. >> the headline as it come -- >> w
. but it began in boston at a church filled with friends, three generations of friends and politicians, including politicians past and present. they celebrated kennedy as a tireless legislator. and as a father who never forgot a birthday who once gave his disabled son a simple and powerful gift of riding a sled. we begin in boston with abc's john berman. >> reporter: under a driving rain, under a cloud of sadness, the flag-draped casket carrying senator ted kennedy arrived at the basilica of our lady of perpetual help. at the kennedy family, the family he helped for years, knees, nephews, grand children and stepchildren for years. inside, dozens lawmakers and more than a thousand heavy hearts. >> we welcome the body of our friend and brother, senator ted kennedy. >> reporter: while the priests delivered the words of god, grandchildren remembered the words of ted kennedy. >> the poor may be without political faction, but they're never without human need. >> reporter: the eulogy was delivered by president obama, he spoke of kennedy the senator. >> a few year agos ago, his father-in-law told him tha
>>> family and friend saluting senator kennedy during a service in boston. here in washington, washington is preparing for a funeral procession expected to attract crowds lining the streets. good evening. i'm sitting in for doreen. >>> i'm jim vance. we begin team coverage in boston, massachusetts. steve handelsman has our report. >> reporter: a celebration of senator edward kennedy's life and work and character. a gathering of big-name democrats and the kennedy clan that had been led till this week by uncle teddy. nephew joe kennedy -- >> he came back after so much tragedy. because of that heart, because of that drive and that determination. >> reporter: senator chris dodd on kennedy's place among his famous brothers. >> john fitzgerald kennedy inspired our america. robert kennedy challenged our america. and our teddy, changed america. [ applause ] >> reporter: kennedy cssed the aisle to work with republicans like his friend john mccain. >> ted and i shared the sentiment that a fight not joined was a fight not enjoyed. >> reporter: a video by ken burns portrayed ted kennedy a
last night. they will celebrate mass at noon eastern and send kennedy to a public procession to boston. that will be an opportunity for the people who put him in office and the people who loved him to say good-bye. as john kerry put it, the people and the politics were truly what ted kennedy cherished. >> he loved people. he loved the give and take of politics. he had respect for everybody. and, you know, despite all of the things that were thrown at him, he always talked about the humanity and morality. the good question for a lot of people in politics to learn. >> also this morning, the tributes continue. the early look at some of the covers of "time" and "newsweek." all putting out special ed digs this week. we talk to deb king in boston. deb feyerick is live outside of hyannis port. wasting no time to get out the schedule of events and finding ways to privately mourn and for the public to remember ted kennedy. >> it's a day he'll continue to be honored. it was a very long night for family members, the kennedy children for whom ted kennedy was such a pivotal role in their lives, 29
of the city of boston. we welcome him this morning. the honorable thomas manino. >> thank you, paul. paul -- asking me to sing. i got torn out of the choir when i was in the eighth grade, i haven't sang since. i just wanted to tell you. ted kennedy was my friend. i feel tremendous sadness today. but also a sense of pride. the history books will show that boston wasn't just a cradle of liberty. we birthed champions too. senator edward kennedy was born here. man in the senate came from the boston neighborhood of dorchester where he now rests. angela and i together with all bostonians are mourning a native son. some of our neighbors have met ted. but the immigrants throughout ports, the hospitals, educated in our schools, they stepped forth on to the greenway, they knew his work. our thoughts and prayers are with vicky and the entire kennedy family. through imprint, i cross a city indelible. the new edward kennedy institute, another lasting legacy of the kennedys from boston. i hate to say it in these tough financial times, but we need to buy some more red paint to extend the freedom trail.
, senators boarded a bus headed to andrews air force base to flights to boston. they're all going to pay their final respects to ted kennedy. his funeral is today. the majority leader harry reid is leading that delegation of about 40 senators at the funeral today. we're going to bring that to you live when it happens. our lady of perpetual help, where the funeral will take place. not just the senators there, jimmy carter, bill clinton and george w. bush as well as british prime minister and the irish prime minister. >> this is happening around 10:30, when the actual funeral will take place. there was a memorial service last night. of course, we saw during the day his body was lying in repose at the kennedy library in boston. about 45,000 people we're told actually filed past to pay their respects, then another 25,000 were there at that memorial service last night. our dan lothian -- no. tom foreman will take a look now at what we saw yesterday in that memorial service. ♪ god bless america >> reporter: at a presidential library at the edge on the ocean, the people came in waves. ted ken
or tomorrow. his only appearance will be at the eulogy saturday at the old mission church in boston, that is how it is commonly known. he will not accompany the casket to d.c. were be there for the burial at arlington. jane: a lot of talk today about ted kennedy. he has not been able to get people to compromise on capitol hill, and what his absence now means to get health care reform passed. what are democrats and republicans saying? >> ted kennedy's absence has always been felt in this debate. democrats said that yesterday. clara castle said that if he had been here running the committee that wrote much of the panel he would have had a different feel for where the politics of the votes are. but now they are trying to say it is time to push even more aggressively for reform. that is largely preteen to an already-converted choir. the message from democrats is that in their advocacy, are they going to pull independenta alone the line? that will be a real test for the obama white house. jane: major, thanks. jon: new information on a tropical storm danny. we have more details from the f
f. kennedy presidential library here in boston, as you can see, we are gathered for this special edition. at this hour, people of massachusetts whom the late senator loved so well are going to have their chance as well as the rest of the nation, their first chance to say good-bye and farewell to senator edward m. kennedy. at this hour, the final chapter of ted kennedy's half century of public service is being written. right now, his family will be escorting his casket from that fabled summer home in hyannis port on the familiar route that the family has taken to travel to boston on their way from hyannis port. the motorcade will be passing, as we have been describing, a series of sentimental landmarks. first, the neighborhood where his mother rose kennedy was born. this in the north end. then the house where his brother, john, lived when he first ran for congress. and then on to where he first announced that he was going to be running for president. all of these sentimental locations, as well as the state office here in massachusetts, when he passes fa newell hall, boston's mayor
>>> welcome to "world news." tonight, from boston. in the headlines, paying respects. thousands come out to say good-bye to senator edward kennedy. >>> battle cry. health care reformers hope to win one for teddy. but the opposition is largely unmoved. >>> test questions. a new study raises doubts about the number of tests prescribed by doctors, which expose their patients to rad yags. >>> cold case. a kidnapping that's remained unsolved for 18 years comes to a stunning conclusion. >>> and, the fed chairman stunning conclusion. >>> and, the fed chairman becomes a crime chairman. captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> good evening. we join you tonight from the john f. kennedy presidential library and museum, and we are standing in the pavilion. nine stories tall, that is the striking centerpiece of this building, situated across the water from the city of boston and dedicated to the 35th president of the united states. but today, it is being used as the site to honor his brother ted. next door, senator kennedy's body is lying in repose. the flag on the casket flew over the capitol the
to others on the panel, you all want to join in, i may bring in janice page of the boston globe was watching this on tv from boston. she has been involved in several projects about senator kennedy. janice, you said to me earlier you were not surprised that the outpouring in boston among the home crowd. are you a little bit surprised that with teddy kennedy, not to say he is a visitor in washington, but obviously a lot of people here don't have any particular ties, any hometown ties to ted kennedy. are you surprised at the outpouring of respect and affection for him here? >> no. i think all americans love a good story. the kennedys are an epic story. you heard from some people that they're there to witness history, even the ones who do not make the connection personally to ted or did i think that's part of it. i think this is a chapter, a really significant chapter what happens next the kennedys is debatable, but this is a significant event, and i think it captivates americans. he was certainly -- the things he was involved in, the achievements in his life, were far beyond massachusetts. it d
the roadways, coming up from the cape, throughout boston when we went around, who waited in line for hours to see his casket as they came through the jfk library, there's no doubt in my mind that my dad came out a winner. i want to thank all of you for the amazing tribute that you've given my father in the last several days and i want to say just as proud as i was to be a crew on his sail boat, i am forever grateful for the opportunity to have worked with him in the united states congress as his colleague. i admit, i used to hang on to his t-shirt and his coat sleeve on the capitol when i was just a little boy. so when i got a chance to serve on capitol hill, all i needed to do was set my compass to the principles of his life. my father and i were the primary sponsors of the mental health parity and addiction equity act which was signed in law last year. this bill represented not only a legal victory for 54 million americans with mental illness who are being denied equal health insurance, but as one of those 54 million americans, i felt he was also fighting for me to help ease the burden o
distracted. your fault. >> my fault. 70s to boston, 71 in detroit, 80 in omaha. phoenix climbs to a scorching 113. 99 in boise, 79 in portland. >> sometimes during the weather to keep ourselves awake and active we act out the weather. if i'm saying it's raining i'll do this. >> apparently frosty got him. >> the frosty was a new one. one of these times we'll have to do that on the air. >> when painting the town red is not good enough, how about throwing red on everyone? >> i've always wanted do this. a giant food fight in a small town. the messy event dates back to the 1940s. they use more than 100 tons of ripe tomatoes. >> we'll be right back with more "world news now." time walking and getting around in your house, you need a hoveround power chair. you'll be able to go to the mall... play with the grandkids... visit family and friends... and do all the things you ralways loved to do. tom kruse: i'm tom kruse, pinventor of the hoveround. call us toll-free now to find out how you can get one. grandpa: at first i hought i couldn't afford, a power chair, but thanks to my hoveround team, it didn'
this evening. karen brown is in boston with details. karen, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. at this hour a military honor guard is standing individual jill at senator ted kennedy's casket, and the library is getting prepared for the thousands more they expect to show up today. his widow vicki says the outpouring from the public has been of great solace to the family. more than 20,000 people lined up in the early morning hours to pay their respects to senator ted kennedy. >> he was a giant. more than a man died. much more than a man died. >> reporter: so many turned out that the john f. kennedy library in boston stayed open for an extra three hours. each mourner paid tribute in their own way with a prayer, offering a salute, or even clutching a book. reverend jesse jackson was among the thousands, putting his hand over his heart as he paused over the draped casket. the good-byes began earlier thursday as the senator's body was taken into boston. kennedy's widow vicki says she's touched by the outpouring of support. >> teddy loved the people of this state. he loved this city.
. su familia y su cÍrculo de amistades. pero hoyempezÓ el dÍa en en boston, su querida ciudad. [♪mÚsica♪] >> por la maÑana en boston, ante un cielo inconsolable, tuvo lugar la misa para unos 1500 invitados. su viuda estuvo rodeada de los hijos del senador. que cargaron el fÉretro junto a otro sobrinos. allÍ estaba toda la dinastía irlandesa americana de los kennedy. con sus nuevas generaciones. >> el presidente barack obama le rindiÓ un tributo a quien se le dio su apoyo influyendo en la nominaciÓn de su partido. >> no lloramos hoy por el prestigio de su nombre o por su cargo, lloramos porque querÍamos a este hÉroe, amable y tierno que perseverÓ a travÉs del dolor y la tragedia, no por ambiciÓn o vanidad , no por riquezas o poder, sino por el pueblo y la naciÓn que amaba. >> estuvieron presentes el vicepresidente, su amigo y su esposa. y tres ex presidentes. [♪mÚsica♪] >> a la ceremoonia asistieron 58 senadores y 21 ex miembros del congreso que han hablado de su ideal de justicia para todos y su amistad en los tiempos mÁs duros. hablaron sus hijos ted junior y patric
, thanks. in boston, family and close friends of senator edward kennedy gathered at the john f. kennedy library for a private memorial service this evening. vice president biden is among the speakers. earlier, members of the family personally thanked the many thousands of people from all over the country who filed past the casket to pay their respects. here's national correspondent jim axelrod. >> reporter: they all got their few seconds to say good-bye to ted kennedy. 70,000 people in two days. a boy scout troop, a senior citizen in a wheelchair, two women carrying a farewell message. angela sanfilippo from the fishing community of gloucester, massachusetts, waited two and a half hours for her few seconds. >> it's okay. >> reporter: not so bad. >> no. not for 40 years of the loving care that i received from the senator. >> reporter: she brought her treasured snapshots inside and a heartful of fwrat tuesday for kennedy's help fighting for fishermen's rights and in helping sanfilippo find treatment for her disabled brother. >> it was peaceful. it was very peaceful. and what i said to him
rideto boston. sist along the route to boston, there were crowds at overpasses. on the side of the road. >> the headline as it come -- >> we have seen processions for kennedys before. 1968, the train trip to washington. carrying the body of robert kennedy. gunned down at age in 1963, there was the somber march through washington, the riderless horse, the salute from the son. the almost overwhelming grief with every single step. john f. kennedy gunned down at age 46.3 but today, it was different. here that? that is cheering. applause. celebration. as the body of ted kennedy wound its way through the streets of boston. sure, people were here to mourn, but they were also here in gratitude. why are you here today? >> i'm here because i have great respect for the senator. i think he's done more thirish . do you feel close to kennedy? >> indirectly. i feel a debt of gratitude to him for sure. he doesn't know me, but, you know, he's not aware of the fact of what he's done for me. but i want tore here. >> jimmythe union laborer. >> this is massachusetts. without back to my wife, a ten-page lett
is celebrate his life. >> reporter: kennedy's body will be taken here to the john f. kennedy library in boston. he'll lie in repose until friday night when a private memorial will be held. mourners have already begun showing up. >> i came because i've admired the family from afar for a very long time, especially senator kennedy, because he was all about other people, helping people. >> reporter: from massachusetts to capitol hill, thousands are remembering the popular senator, even the sports world. at last night's red sox game, kennedy's favorite baseball team honored their number one fan. this morning the kennedy family is gathering here in hyannis port, where the senator spent his final hours. they'll have a private mass before accompanying his body to boston. >> people around here revered him, and i think that he was worthy of that. >> reporter: on saturday president obama will speak during the private funeral at our lady of perpetual health basilica. the boston church had a special meaning for kennedy, who prayed there every day when his daughter kara was battling cancer. kennedy will be
to everyone. yesterday was a hot day up and down the eastern seaboard. didn't get to 90 in boston. new york city had its first official 90-degree day of the summer. 96 in washington, d.c. that was one of the hotter spots. that raleigh ea back up to d.c., you hit 99 yesterday. norfolk, 94. charlotte, 95. you get the picture here. one of the hot spots was tallahassee at 97. this morning it is still warm. the air mass hasn't changed. it's still rather humid out there too. we had showers and storms that popped up from the ohio valley through western new york and pennsylvania. a few strong storms out there near westchester county and over long island last night. that hot weather will remain with us through the day today. the showers and storms will cool us off in most areas this afternoon. the forecast, another 90-degree day from new york, philadelphia, and boston. there will be more clouds this afternoon. a chance of showers and storms, including there in boston. should be a beautiful day in chicago, 82 and sun pef that's the a look at your national forecast. here's a look at the weather outsid
for office. and in our american dispatch, the kennedy connection to boston sports dynasty. i talked to the president and ceo of the red sox, larry laquino. four years now since hurricane katrina devastated the gulf coast. senator andrews gets the last word. "state of the union" report for sunday, august 30. >>> a man who never stopped trying to right wrongs and someone who wasn't perfect but believed in redemption. just a few of the sentiments expressed at the funeral of senator edward kennedy in boston yesterday. president obama led the eulogy in saying goodbye at arlington cemetary. here is a reflection on senator kennedy's life, oren hatch of utah and senator christopher dodd. senator dodd, you and senator kennedy had t hatch had the honor of eulogyizing senator kennedy. what made this eunone unique? >> what made it so special was it was so personal. how do you capture 30 years of friendship in eight minutes, particularly of someone who the relationship goes far beyond just a personal. obviously, i sat next to him for almost 25 years in that health, education and labor committee.
relationship, the incumbent mayor of the city of boston, we welcome him this evening. >> thank you, paul. don't ask me to sing. i got thrown out of the choir in the eighth grade and haven't sang since. ted kennedy was my friend. i feel tremendous sadness today but also a sense of pride. the history books will show that boston wasn't just a cradle of liberty, it took care of its champions, too, senator edward m. kennedy was born here. the man in the senate came from boston where he now rests. angela and i together with all bostonians are mourning a native son. some of our neighbors have met ted, their immigrants, their ports, they're educated in our schools, they stepped foot on the greenway, they knew his work. our thoughts and prayers are with vickie and the entire kennedy family. his imprint across the city is indelible. the kennedy institute is a lasting legacy of the kennedys from boston. i hate to say in these tough financial times but we need to buy some more red paint to extend the freedom trail. i had the privilege to serve in the office of teddy's grandfather once held. he had a good
island. the culmination of this tradition was our trip to boston. we took a ride on the old cape railway and learned about the building of the cape cod canal. on the way to boston we went to plymouth rock. here we visited the u.s.s. constitution saved by honey fitz, old north church, house where grandma was born and the spot where the irish immigrants came ashore. we toured the kennedy library, picnic at the boston harbor lighthouse. although the rule for history trips was they were day trips only, to teddy boston was special. he had a surprise for us, which is that we were going to get the chance to camp out on thompson island. he didn't tell us that for most of the year this facility is used for juvenile detention until after we had set up our tents in the dirt. it was about 98 degrees, the bugs were out, it smelled like low tide all night long and the planes from logan were taking off and landing right over our heads. we figured teddy was trying to teach us something, but after a boiling hot, 16-hour history day with 20 children under 10, we weren't quite sure what it was. in any even
enjoyed a working and friendly and warm relationship. the incumbent mayor of the city of boston, we welcome him this evening, the honorable thomas manino. >> thank you, paul. as long as you don't ask me to sing. i got thrown into the choir when i was in the eighth grade and i haven't sang since. ted kennedy was my friend. i feel tremendous sadness today, but also a sense of pride. the history books will show that boston wasn't just a cradle of liber liberty. it birthed champion, too. senator edward m. kennedy was born here. angela and i together with all bostonians are mourning a native son. some of our neighbors have met t ted. they're trained in our hospitals, educated in our schools. they stepped foot on to the greenway. they knew his work. our thoughts and prayers are with vicki and the entire kennedy family. the imprint across the city is indelible. the new edward kennedy institute, a lasting legacy of the kennedys from boston. i hate to say it in these tough financial times, but we need to buy some more red paint to extend the freedom trail. i had the privilege of serving in t
in boston saturday morning a funeral mass followed by a private burial at arlington national cemetery in virginia. we have correspondents tonight in hyannis support, in boston, and in washington as we tell the story of senator edward kennedy. >> if $20 billion deficits were wrong under the democrats, then $200 billion deficits are at least as wrong when the republicans are in power! >> couric: some called him the liberal lion. >> did you hear that that? we are excluded from having an opportunity to debate this because of the power of the insurance industry. >> couric: others the keeper of the kennedy flame. >> in our family he's known as uncle teddy. (cheers and applause) >> couric: when a gravely ill ted kennedy bounded to the stage at last year's democratic national convention, the nation was riveted, knowing the speech he'd give would likely be among his last. >> the hope rises again and the dream lives on. (cheers and applause) >> couric: but the legacy of the kennedy dynasty is dreams not realized and ted was no exception. he was born edward moore kenneda in 1932, the youngest of
firings of u.s. attorneys. >>> and playerup. a bench clearing brawl breaks out between the boston red sox a bench clearing brawl breaks out between the boston red sox and the detroit tigers. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> hello and good morning. i'm kristen well ger. today we begin with town hall turmoil. with public meetings on the issue of health care across the nation, president obama managed to hold a civil meeting on the subject yesterday and used a new spin on his campaign for health care reform. nbc's steve handelsman reports. >> reporter: president obama went to new hampshire to reform late his health care pitch. it's taken a beating in the latest polls. insurance reform is the new obama spin. >> getting a good deal from the insurance coverers. that's what i'm fighting for. >> reporter: no ban on reexisting conditions. no canceling insurance if you get sick. >> your health insurance should be there for you when it counts. not just when you're paying premiums but when you actually get sick. and it will be when we pass this plan. >> reporter: outside were pro obam
today. 1,500 invited guests packed a historic boston church at a more than two-hour funeral for senator ted kennedy. you watched it live on cnn. joining the kennedy family were foreign dignitaries as well, political leaders, actors, and athletes. the mourners included fellow members of the senate where kennedy served almost half a century. hard to believe. president obama delivered the eulogy. >> today we say good-bye to the youngest child of rose and joseph kennedy. the world will long remember their son edward as the heir to a weighty legacy, a champion for those who had none, the soul of the democratic party, and the lion of the united states senate. a man who graces nearly 1,000 laws and who penned more than 300 laws himself. >> as we mentioned, the senator's motorcade will take one final trip to the u.s. capitol after leaving boston making its way to an air force base there. the casket of senator ted kend will be making its way to andrews air force base and then taken through the streets of the nation's capital for a final public good-bye. cnn's kate bolduan is actually on capitol
help basilica in boston. our correspondents standing by all over the place with all the angles for us today. dan lothian is at the church right now. also deb feyrick is on location. and also we're at arlington national cemetery where senator kennedy will be laid to rest later today. we want to start with dan lothian at the church in boston. we know the president actually giving the eulogy today. he's been working on it. he's been on vacation at martha's vineyard working on it. what do we expect to hear from the president today? >> that's right. the president has been working on the remarks he'll be making along with a speechwriter. i'm told by senior administration officials that that eulogy is expected to last for about 15 minutes or so and will be a very personal message where the president will talk about someone who was not only a counselor but also a friend, a colleague, someone he really relied on. we've been talking about this over the last few days about what senator kennedy meant to the president when president obama then senator obama went to capitol hill. one of the first p
halladay has allowed to any batter. >> meanwhile the rangers were tied with boston for the a.l. wild card. right now the rangers are losing 5-4 in the bottom of the eighth. pudge rodriguez first hit with the rangers september 29, 2002. >> rays begin the night three out in the wild card, b.j. upton coming off a huge game tuesday where he was a double shy of the cycle, he homers against on wednesday, his ninth of the year, that matches last year's total, and the rays win it 3-1. jeff neimann has 11 wins most among rookies, since losing five in a row the rays have won four straight. the wild card standings look like this, red sox win, rangers in progress, and the rays win. the rangers open a three-game series at the trop beginning friday. >> out in oakland, as and yankees, yankees taking a 3-0 lead in the top of the fourth, the yankees have gone two straight games without a home run, but tonight a text message, mark teixeira, rbi, coming up big there, two-run home run as well, that came in the first, 3-0 is where we stand, chad gaudin, first start since being traded to the yankees on august
body is lying in repose for the second day at the jfk presidential library and museum in boston. the doors will open back up in about an hour to welcome more mourners. >>> people from all around have been pouring in to pay their final respects. >> and matt acland joins us now from arlington national cemetery, the final resting place. >> reporter: good morning. the plans are underway to prepare for the burial services here at arlington national cemetery tomorrow. let me give you a time line of what we've been able to find out so far. tomorrow after the fewerle at accept for's body will be flown to andrews air force base and he will motorcade over to the u.s. capitol. there will be a short prayer service at the senate side of the building. from there the motorcade will come here to arlington national cemetery. that should be right around 5:30. there will be a service. and senator kennedy will be laid to rest in between his two brothers. mourner have been waiting for hours outside of the jfk presidential library to file past the coffin of senator ted kennedy. it's a slow procession
, jr. and in our "american dispatch", the kennedy connection to boston sports dynasty. i talk to the president and ceo, larry luccino. four years now since hurricane katrina devastated the gulf coast. mary landrieu gets the last word. >>> a champion for those who had none. a man who never stopped trying to right wrongs. and someone who wasn't perfect but believed in redemption. just a few of the sentiments expressed at the funeral of senator edward kennedy in boston yesterday. president obama led the nation in saying good-bye to the 77-year-old senator laid to rest by brothers john and robert. hear the reflections on the senator's life and work, senator orrin hatch of utah, and christopher dodd of connecticut who joins us by telephone. senator dodd, let me begin, you and senator hatch, had the great privilege of eulogizing your friend at the memorial service friday night. you waved as you pulled up. you were still scribbling notes, edits on your speech. talk about the moment. you have given so many speeches in your life. what made this one unique? >> well, john. first of all t
by 1:00 p.m. eastern on a procession to boston and arrives at 4:00 p.m. at the john f. kennedy presidential library and museum and the senator's body will lie in remoez from this evening to tomorrow. right now the family is gathering at the home for today's mass. deborah feyerick is in hyannis port, massachusetts. deb, good to see you. set the scene for us, if you would. what have you witnessed so far this morning? >> what we're watching is slowly people are beginning to trickle in. they're arriving by cab and private car and they're gathering at the main home. that is where the senator's body is currently lying in repose. he's in the sun room and the room that overlooks the water that is very quiet inside the house. seeing a number of kennedy children, the younger generation that have been riding their bikes and going down to the water and they have been walking the dogs out. sort of catching a glimpse of us as we're doing our jobs out here. but it's really almost a very respectful tone. there's a lot of almost reverence right now. that's sort of the move right here at the isl
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